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Greater Sabi Sand, South Africa

Monitor and protect wildlife through real-time data and communication

Partner: Sabi Sand Nature Reserve

Key Species: Black and White Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Cheetah, Giraffe, Wild Dog

Deployment: 2021

This year we’re delighted to continue our work with the Sabi Sand Conservation Management Team. Together, we’re extending the pilot project to implement innovative technologies in a new section of the reserve, next to the Kruger National Park. The project aims to empower a rapid ranger response to safeguard rhinos against a recent increase in poaching activity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Phase 3 will deploy a virtual fence of cameras and sensors between Sabi Sand Nature Reserve and Kruger, adding protection of new landscapes to the whole solution. The project will innovate on earlier phases to refine and improve the technologies used in Sabi Sand anti-poaching toolbox.

Planned enhancements will include the deployment of new network servers, security cameras and AI-powered analytics. AI software will monitor the video from thermal cameras 24/7 and aims to generate automated alerts when a human crosses the boundary, so teams can rapidly respond.

New innovations also include: ‘Nomadic Masts’. Nomadic masts provide long-range cameras and radio connectivity on wheels, where equipment is fixed securely to a well-anchored trailer. These mobile units make it easy to redeploy surveillance in new locations. This tackles previous issues, where cameras have been fixed and difficult to move; with poachers learning their positions and changing their tactics accordingly. Nomadic masts will enable rangers to be more agile and react to changing threats.

By including this greater area in the project, it increases the chances of catching the poachers entering the private game reserve from Kruger and preventing any harm to rhinos and any other animals.

  • We look forward to updating you on the results of this project in 2022
Madikwe, South Africa Lion
Eastern Sabi Sands, South Africa Rhino
Madikwe, South Africa Tower
Eastern Sabi Sands, South Africa Cheetahs

With rhino poaching reaching a crisis point in South Africa, we wanted to help before the species disappeared altogether.

Bruce 'Doc' Watson, Executive Chairman and Founder, Connected Conservation Foundation
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